Browns' Baker Mayfield to play vs. Lions as injuries mount for QB

Another week, another injury -- or two -- for Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The signal-caller has been fighting to play all season, regardless of what gets thrown at him, and this week he received more adversity.

While Mayfield has no injury status and will play today against the Lions, he'll be doing so in pain.

Sources offered some detail on what Mayfield is dealing with, considering he's listed as having separated left shoulder, foot and knee injuries.

The foot injury is a bruised heel, sources say, while the knee injury is a bone bruise. It was the knee, in fact, that scared Mayfield a bit after the game, as he said there was numbness. There are no structural issues, but there was numbness.

"Caught the nerve on the outside of my leg and it made it go numb so the outside of my knee is sore and tender," Mayfield told reporters Wednesday, "but that numbness where you can't feel your leg is pretty scary. I had not had that before, but another new thing for me."

Eventually, the numbness went away and he had a full practice late in the week on Friday. But he's not 100 percent.

Then, of course, there is his left shoulder. The labrum is still torn, but the fracture in his shoulder has now healed, a source said. At least, some positivity for Mayfield on the injury front. The brace for his labrum also has kept it in place recently.

Mayfield is hoping to get to the bye, where a week of healing will go along way.

Still, it's no wonder he said Wednesday, "This is probably the most beat up I have been in my career, and it is not like it is one particular thing; it is multiple."

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