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Browns' Alex Mack will not waive no-trade clause

Alex Mack says he's staying with the Cleveland Browns.

In a statement released Monday night hours before Tuesday's trade deadline, Mack said he would not waive his no-trade clause.

"I have a 'no-trade' clause in my contract. It was included for good reason. I'm not leaving my teammates, coaches and Browns fans while there is work this season to be finished," Mack wrote.

Although Mack has a no-trade clause, he can opt out of his contract after the season -- which probably serves as a motivating factor for the Browns to ship him away.

The seven-year veteran has been on the trading block for a couple of weeks. Cleveland also has been gauging the interest in left tackle Joe Thomas.

Mack and Thomas' availability is a sign that the Browns (2-6) are waiving the white flag on the 2015 season.

Cleveland went into the season with the hopes of being a running team. But the offense-deprived Browns are currently 31st in the league in rushing yards per game (84). They also rank ninth in passing yards per game (266). Expect those numbers to be on the downward trot if Mack and Thomas get moved before the deadline.

The trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

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