Broncos' Wade Phillips relishes role as coordinator

Age is often associated with wisdom, which is hard to argue in the case of Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

"I was a lousy head coach, but I'm a pretty good defensive coordinator," Phillips told reporters Tuesday. "That's what I do well, so I wanted to get back to doing that."

Phillips, the Denver Broncos' head coach for two seasons in 1993 and 1994, was 82-64 in 12 different seasons as a head coach (some on a short-term basis) and he ended up making the playoffs in five of those years. While that's markedly better than some head coaches generating big-time jobs this offseason, Phillips seems to be honing in on where he's most comfortable at age 67.

That includes switching the Broncos to a 3-4 front, which he also confirmed on Tuesday. Though humbled, Phillips doesn't expect to leave Jack Del Rio's defense the way it was.

"This is probably the best situation defensively that I've come into -- or way better than any other situation I've come into," Phillips said. "Normally, they'd had a bad year and they've brought me in as defensive coordinator."

At least in the offseason, when optimism runs high, this seems like the ideal spot for Phillips to finish out a fantastic career. He has loads of talent and could be adding more via free agency. He has the deference provided by an offensive head coach, and he has the knowledge that this is where he belongs. No politicking is necessary; just designing a good defense.

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