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Broncos' Sanders, Sutton on same page after scuffle

Like brothers, it didn't take much for Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton to get over their practice scuffle.

On Tuesday, the two SMU products spoke with the media together following their Monday dustup. The tandem said the fight was sparked by competitive spirts and is water under the bridge.

"It stands good. Obviously, we're family," Sanders said when asked where their relationship stands. "We went to the same school, grew up in the same area. It's a miscommunication and that's just what it is. At the end of the day, we're back on the same page trying to be the best receivers in the world. Sometimes through failure is growth. And I feel like me and him have grown through this in terms of bringing that dog out even more and just ready to win and ready to tear it up."

Added Sutton: "One-hundred percent, 100 percent. I think what Emmanuel said is right on point. We're brothers at the end of the day, that's all that matters. Like he said, we went to the same school, this is a dude I look up to, a dude I've been watching for a long time, chasing his records, and getting here and following in his footsteps. All that (fighting) stuff is swept under the rug. We're moving on to bigger and better things. We're ready to win. And take this what we have here and keep going."

The receivers got into a fight yesterday during practice in which water bottles were reportedly thrown.

The duo joked Tuesday that they're going to put Round 2 on pay-per-view:

As with most teammate scuffles during training camp, the Sanders-Sutton battle was easy to see having a kumbaya solution. Sometimes in the heat of training camp, tempers flare. It's how it's handled moving forward that matters.

"I guess there's a first for everything," quarterback Joe Flacco said of the Sanders/Sutton scuffle. "When things come from a good place and you have two competitive guys and practice is having its ups and downs in the beginning part of things, that stuff happens."

Stuff happens, and then we move on.

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