Broncos interim coach 'sick to my stomach' after loss

Joe DeCamillis took over coaching duties for four whirlwind days ahead of Thursday's game with the San Diego Chargers. The jolting loss left the temporary head man fuming.

"I just wish we could have got a win for the city, got a win for the organization," he said, via the team's official website. "I'm sick to my stomach. It's sickening. I hate to lose, man. That's all."

DeCamillis, a special teams coach by trade, was particularly distraught after not getting more out of three forced turnovers on special teams: recoveries of a muffed punt, a fumbled kick and an onside kick.

"It's just frustrating when you get three turnovers on special teams and you don't win the game," DeCamillis said. "That's not the way you want be."

The Broncos' offense was slow out of the gate sans Gary Kubiak, putting the entire operation in a hole.

We don't fault DeCamillis for the loss after being thrust into duty on short notice. Full-time head coaches struggle to prepare players properly for road games on Thursday nights.

Now the question becomes whether Kubiak will be back by Oct. 24 when the Broncos host the Houston Texans. Kubiak is expected to return to the team Monday, and that's good news for an offense that needs its play-caller. Still, the team won't rush Kubiak back to the stress of the sidelines until he's completely healthy.

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