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Brock Osweiler thinks critiques of play are 'hilarious'

Following a dismal performance in front of a national TV audience last Thursday in a shutout loss to the New England Patriots, Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler received trainloads of criticism.

From his tendency to stick on his first read too long to a propensity to force passes that get picked, the pitchforks were out for the man that signed the $72 million contract this offseason.

"I think that's hilarious, to be honest with you," he said of the criticism, via the Houston Chronicle. "The critique comes from a whole lot of people that don't know my read on that play. They've probably never actually sat in an offensive meeting in their life, let alone a quarterback meeting in the National Football League.

"That's why I don't look at Twitter. That's why -- no offense to anybody (media) in here -- I don't watch anything. I don't read anything."

Playing the 'you don't know' card is a well-worn move for players backed against the criticism wall. It's true that no one outside of the Texans facility might know the play call. Football also isn't brain surgery; game film can show if a quarterback's eyes stay on one receiver (surely Bill O'Brien isn't designing a plethora of plays with one read). Also, plenty of TV analysts who have been in quarterback meetings critiqued Osweiler's performance.

At any rate, three games into a tenure is too short to grade a quarterback's play or a contract's worth. Any grandiose statements one way or another are wasted breath. This is where we remind you that Osweiler has made as many career starts as Zach Mettenberger.

Osweiler is averaging 6.4 yards per attempt for the season, third fewest in the NFL among qualifying quarterbacks. His 59.6 completion percentage ranks 22nd among QBs to start all three games (28 QBs) and his 231.7 yards per game place him 24th on that list. He's also led the least efficient red zone offense in the NFL, scoring on just 14.3 percent of those drives.

"I feel like I've done a great job of progressing in this offense," he said. "I feel like I get better every week.

"I'm very comfortable with my reads. Certainly, I know I need to clean up my ball security issues of having four interceptions through three games, and that's something I will clean up."

In a move that could help jumpstart Osweiler's play, O'Brien will assume playcalling duties, a source informed of the team's thinking told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport on Friday.

O'Brien called plays while the offensive coordinator in New England and in his first year as head coach in Houston (2014). Offensive coordinator George Godsey called plays last season and for the first three weeks of 2016. This season the Texans are tied for fewest points per game (14.0) with just three touchdowns on the year (zero rushing scores).

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