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Brian Urlacher: Jay Cutler not living up to big contract

Jay Cutler has come under fire this week, with coach Marc Trestman and wide receiver Brandon Marshall working to dispel the notion of a locker-room rift.

While Mike Ditka has questioned the team's leadership, another Chicago Bears legend suggested Cutler has not only failed to lift his teammates but also hasn't lived up to his lucrative new contract.

"Financially, he is one of the elite guys in the NFL," former linebacker Brian Urlacher said Wednesday on WGWG, via the Chicago Tribune. "You look at his contract, he was paid like an elite quarterback, if I am not mistaken. He just hasn't produced like an elite quarterback.

"You look at the guys ... the Bradys, the Mannings, the Rodgerses, the Breeses ... those guys win every year. Even with no one around them. (Aaron) Rodgers has no offensive line, he wins. (Tom) Brady has no receivers, he wins. You look at Jay, he's got Brandon (Marshall), Alshon (Jeffery), Matt (Forte) and a great offensive line ... Martellus Bennett ... and they can't seem to put it together for some reason."

The negativity surrounding Cutler has crested this week coming off a disappointing outing by the entire Bears team in a loss to the Miami Dolphins. Although Cutler is on pace for the highest completion percentage, passer rating and touchdown total of his career, his former teammate won't be satisfied until he sees the franchise quarterback elevating his play in key moments.

"We say it every year how talented Jay is ... how much talent," Urlacher continued. "But the NFL is not a talent contest. It's a winning contest. You want to win football games, that's what it comes down to.

"If your quarterback can't make plays in certain situations for you to win games, he's not getting the job done."

A penchant for ill-timed mistakes is a criticism we have lodged against Cutler in the past. As we pointed out on the Around The NFL Podcast, though, this week's bashing smacks of piling-on.

As is often the case in the NFL, just wait a week and the narrative will change. Nobody was complaining about Cutler when he was coming off the second-most passing yards of his career a week ago.

Until he realizes his immense talent and accepts responsibility for his team's successes and failures, Cutler will continue to be among the NFL's most scrutinized players.

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