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Brett Favre: I wouldn't be Hall of Famer without dad

Brett Favre has two words to describe the way he played football: All heart.

The fiery gunslinger spent the first 22-plus minutes of his Hall of Fame induction speech in an emotional ringer, thanking his entire family, from his wife, Deanna, to his mother-in-law, who believes "I have never thrown an interception that has been my fault," Favre said.

The ex-Packer saved his most passionate words for his father.

Favre took us back to the day after his dad, Irvin, died in December, 2003 -- a day the Green Bay quarterback threw for 399 yards and four touchdowns in a memorable win over the Oakland Raiders.

"On our flight back (after the game), it was a long flight, as you can imagine," Farve said. "There was a lot of emotions. We just won the game and it was probably the best game I've ever played, but that didn't really matter at that point. And we laughed, we cried, we tried to sleep. ... My father was short on praise and long on tough love. If he were ever to praise me, it was always 'you can do better.' He was always pushing me to be better. That was OK. Never did I hear him say, 'Son, you've arrived. You're the best. That was awesome. Great game.' It was always, 'Yeah, but.'

"Deanna says to me on the plane, you know your dad said to me he had hoped or could not wait for the day that you're inducted into the Hall of Fame so he could introduce you.

"Up until that moment, I had never thought about the Hall of Fame. I mean no disrespect to the Hall of Fame, I had dreamed of playing in the NFL, believe me, way more than I thought about my school work ... but I never thought of the Hall of Fame until that moment. So a new goal had entered my mind, then and there. And I said to myself: I will make it to the Hall of Fame."

Favre spoke -- often choking up -- of the importance of making the Hall for his father.

"This is tougher than any third-and-15, I can assure you," a tearing Favre said of talking about the emotion he endured discussing his father.

The NFL's all-time career wins leader spoke at length of his father's tough love and the motivation that provided.

"So then and there, in that moment, on that plane, I was determined for selfish reasons, to get to this point. To acknowledge how important he was. I would not be here before you today, without my father. There is no doubt whatsoever."

Favre continued: "And I want you to know, dad, I spent the rest of my career trying to redeem myself (becomes emotional) ... But I spent the rest of my career trying to redeem myself and make him proud ... and I hope I succeeded."

Favre succeeded. And then some.

"So never discount being a father and the statements that you make ... you are very important to your children," he said. "The lesson is we come and go very quickly, so love them each and every day."

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