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Brees: Teammates say I'm 'annoyingly optimistic'

Drew Brees still believes in the New Orleans Saints.

Of course, playing in the worst division in football helps. The Saints are on pace to host a playoff game at 4-5 even though they've looked like a shadow of the team they're capable of being.

But Brees has apparently been trying to repair the void of consistency with some old fashioned positivity.

"I am annoyingly optimistic and confident, I've been told many times by teammates," Brees said, via "And so, you know what? I'm gonna come right back out the next series, and if that throw's there, you can be darn sure it's getting thrown."

Brees is interesting because for the first time, he's being viewed as a major part of the problem. He has 10 picks, which is two behind last year's season total of 12. He is committing turnovers down the stretch of tight games. There are whispers about arm strength and whether or not it's dropping off (though that theory has been laughed off).

Still, there is no other team with perpetually high expectations each week that continues to disappoint. Saints coach Sean Payton must be thankful for this obnoxious confidence.

"There's nobody who's harder on themselves than me when some of those things happen where, 'Man, I know better, I can't let that happen, it's my job,'" Brees said. "I have that responsibility. And I also feel like I have the ability to bounce back from that. That is also my mentality."

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