Brandon Marshall: If you lose confidence, it's over

It seems like no amount of shouting in the locker room will cure the Bears in 2014.

A very disheartened Brandon Marshall made an appearance on Inside The NFL on Tuesday night and essentially stuck a fork in Chicago's lost season.

"When you lose your confidence, it's over," he said. "You don't have a chance. And right now, that's where we are at."

At 3-6, the once-promising Bears have never looked further from contending for a division championship. A core of players who put together a top-10 offense in 2013 seem to be aging out of their prime, or at least unwilling to fully commit to their system.

The final seven games will be an interesting test for second-year coach Marc Trestman, especially to see how he handles players like Marshall. The Bears are packed with veterans unafraid to speak their minds, and it looks like Marshall is already labeling 2014 a bust.

"Life is tough right now," Marshall said, making sure to call the blowout loss to Green Bay one of the most demoralizing losses he's ever been a part of. "Walking outside, going to the grocery store, looking at the fans in the eyes."

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