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Brandon Marshall: I was almost traded to Patriots

Brandon Marshall is set to make his debut with the New York Jets this fall. According to the veteran wide receiver, he very nearly suited up for another AFC East team.

"I could have played for the Patriots last year," Marshall told ESPN 1000 on Friday (via the Chicago Sun-Times). "There was an opportunity where there probably could have (been) a trade before the season."

Last May, Marshall signed a three-year, $30 million extension with the Bears during an appearance on *The View*. It was weird. Marshall says trade talks with the Patriots heated up shortly before he broke bread with Whoopi and friends.

"It was my agent and the Chicago Bears because there was a little tension on the contract stuff," Marshall said. "I thought I was worth a little more. ... There were a couple of teams that were offering more money.

"It never got that far, but there was a possibility with a couple teams."

We're not sure how other teams were making superior offers to Marshall while he was under contract with the Bears, but no matter. We're confident Marshall and Tom Brady would have made beautiful music together. Then again, Brady and the Patriots did just fine on their own last season.

Marshall was traded to the Jets in exchange for a fifth-round pick in March.

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