Brandon Marshall: I'm delivering my 'Thriller' in 2014

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- Brandon Marshall just completed a season many contemporaries would give their left pinkie toe for.

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The Chicago Bears wide receiver started 16 games and finished with 100 catches for 1,295 yards and 12 touchdowns -- elite production that earned Marshall his fifth Pro Bowl nod last month.

Still, Marshall came out of the season unsatisfied. He discussed that and his big plans for the new year during a studio visit to the "Around The League Podcast" on Tuesday.

"I really believe I had a down year," he said. "I didn't have a chance to really work. I had a surgery, so that put me back, and I didn't really like the way my game was last year. I'm going hard and I'm really going to revamp my whole game and come back a totally different player, something you guys never seen before."

Marshall then put his lofty goals in a different context.

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"Kind of like the artist, like the musician you know how they say, 'This next album is going to be the killer! This next album, you guys aren't going to know anything! It's going to be totally different! This is it!'" he said. "This is how I'm doing my game. I'm approaching it like I'm an artist."

I suggested that Marshall is about to drop his "Thriller," the classic Michael Jackson album known for its avalanche of No. 1 hits.

"I like it! Can we name my next season the Thriller?"

Yes, Brandon. Yes we can.

Listen to the entire interview with Bears star Brandon Marshall on the latest edition of the "Around The League Podcast."

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