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Brandon Marshall: I feel like I'm better now than ever

Because we are in peak hyperbole season, writing things like this with the forever-ink of the internet seems important.

"I really feel like I'm better now than I've ever been," new Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshallsaid Wednesday, via

Of course, if he's right, we'll be the first ones to line up and pull this article from the ether. Marshall is personally one of my favorite players. In terms of exceptional talent, he rarely gets the praise he deserves for his all-around skill set.

The Jets stole him for a fifth-round pick.

That being said, he may be succumbing to the same endless wheel that many players do during this part of the season.

In May, all the aches and pains seem a world away. The sprained ankle and the bum shoulder aren't significantly hampering each and every drill.

In May, you like all your teammates and embrace their bombastic personalities and jabs on Instagram.

But sometimes those feelings, which lead 31-year-old wideouts to say they might be better than ever, fade away once the rigors of the season take hold.

Trust us, there's nothing we'd like to see more than a 2012-13 Marshall back on the field. Given the weapons around him, it's not hard to imagine him scoring another nine touchdowns this season.

Better than ever might even push the Jets into the Wild Card conversation.

But thoughts like this often live and die in the eternal optimism of offseason training activities.

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