Brandon Browner: Rejoining Seahawks is a 'no-brainer'

Brandon Browner didn't have to think twice when he found out the Seattle Seahawkswere on the line to rescue his career.

"That's pretty much a no-brainer where I wanted to go if I had the option," Browner told KIRO-AM in Seattle on Saturday.

Although other teams were calling -- Washington, for one, was interested in his services -- Browner wanted to return to the last place he was viewed as a truly dominant cornerback. In three seasons (36 games) with Seattle between 2011 and 2013, Browner picked off 10 passes, broke up 39 more, scored a pair of touchdowns and forced three fumbles. His towering, 6-foot frame helped define the "Legion of Boom" secondary as we know it.

"I actually feel like I've never left although I've been gone for two seasons or whatnot, played for two different teams," he said. "I fit right in."

During a wildly uncomfortable season in New Orleans last year, Browner was called for more individual penalties (24) than any player in more than a decade. He had to be peeled away from defensive coordinator Dennis Allen during the Carolina game amid an intense face-to-face argument. Over 16 games, he picked off just one pass, and was viewed as the epitome of New Orleans' irresponsible spending.

Heading back to the comfort of Seattle makes a lot of sense for both sides. Unfortunately for Browner, it's on a one-year deal worth $760,000. His circuitous route makes us think a little bit of new Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, who is also left the comforts of a successful and unique defense in order to cash in on the open market. While players can never -- and should never -- be blamed for exploring life outside the team that drafted them, it's interesting to look at those who have realized what scheme makes them the best possible player.

Norman's physical skills might transcend scheme, but isn't that what New Orleans thought of Browner as well? Browner is amazingly gifted and to this day might be one of the most intimidating players to line up against one-on-one.

For Browner, it took him just two years to come home. While he earned a second Super Bowl ring in the process, he knows there is a lot of damage to repair.

"I just want to come and play ball," he said. "I think I'll be a lot more comfortable here because I've been here before. I got guys around me I've played with, been on the field with, and the environment here in Seattle is like no other."

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