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Brady to play catch with Welker during suspension

Suspended Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has chosen the most predictable catch partner we could have imagined.

"It was funny. I hit him up (because) I'm actually heading up to the game (Saturday), and I hit him up to do dinner Saturday night," Wes Welker said on 560 WQAM in Miami (via "(Brady) was like, 'I'm going to be flying in from Ann Arbor later, but hey, how about that morning we go throw?' And I'm just sitting there, like, 'I was just thinking about dinner, but yeah, sure.' I'll get over there early and we can throw a little bit. That's the only thing we really have planned."

This falls perfectly in line with former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk's prediction a few weeks ago. Faulk guessed that Brady would ask both Welker and Randy Moss to help him out during the downtime.

Of course, we guessed that Brady would go the alternate route, using the time to comb the free agent market for a potential addition to the Patriots' roster. Brady could spend the time teaching the undrafted free agent the playbook and by the time his suspension was up, they would have a dynamic new addition to the roster. We also spend too much time combing the unsolved mysteries subReddit during the day.

With Brady missing so much of the preseason, staying in football shape will be important to him over the next month or so. Though he could still slack off and still glide with the Patriots into the playoffs this year, having a good friend around to catch some passes won't hurt -- especially a familiar one.

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