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Brady gets 400th TD ball back for meeting, autographs

In an age of rather complex milestone balls-for-perks exchanges, it seems there was no shakedown for Tom Brady's No. 400 touchdown pass football.

Patriots wideout Danny Amendola accidentally gave the pigskin away last weekend when Brady hit the legendary mark, but David Bowen, a season ticket holder since 1985 from Plymouth, Mass., who received the ball from Amendola, swapped it out for a replacement no problem.

Then, he got to meet Brady himself.

"He signed some stuff for me and thanked me for returning the ball," Bowen said, via The Boston Herald. "I got to congratulate an icon on this amazing accomplishment and what he's done. It was great."

Bowen could have held out for way more, and maybe even secured his next round of season tickets for free. But this moment seemed a lot more genuine and for once, we leave a Tom Brady/Football story right where it is. No need to get any lawyers involved.

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