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Brady congratulates retiring Eli, laments SB losses

Tom Brady was on the losing end of Eli Manning's two greatest moments as an NFL quarterback as the New England Patriots fell to the New York Giants twice in Super Bowls.

As Manning walks into retirement after 16 seasons, TB12 sent the Big Blue quarterback a well-wish, with a tinge of humor added.

While the world reads the humorous twist in the quarterback's message, Manning noted that the losses likely still bug Brady.

"I think I've been around Tom a number of times and seeing how competitive he is, and we joke around a little bit, but I think it's not real funny to him," Manning said when asked by NFL Network's Kimberly Jones about the tweet during his retirement press conference Friday.

Manning won two Super Bowl MVPs on the strength of several big throws against the Patriots. The first came in Super Bowl XLII with Manning slipping through a sack to find David Tyree for the improbable Helmet Catch. Next came in Super Bowl XLVI with a spectacular throw to Mario Manningham on the sideline on the pivotal drive.

"Those are obviously when you think about those great moments in your career, those are going to be at the top of the list, when you win championships and both of them are] two-minute drives to go down there and win it against an undefeated team," Manning said. "... I think those are special, but I think everyone wants to make it me versus [Tom Brady. It was the Giants versus the Patriots. Our defenses played outstanding. Guys made plays. David Tyree, Mario Manningham, Plaxico Burress in the corner of the end zone. Like I said, you just cherish those moments, cherish those relationships that you have with those teammates and coaches when you win those games. That's obviously why you play.

"You play for the opportunity to win a championship. You realize how hard it is, how difficult, and all the breaks that have to go your way, and that you got to overcome to get to those scenarios. Those are special ones that fortunately you get to kind of relive those moments through your friends."

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