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Bradford on reported deal: It must've been lost in mail

Did the Eagles attempt to lock up Sam Bradford before the 2015 season started?

According to a report from 94.1 WIP and FOX 29 correspondent Howard Eskin, Bradford was offered a four-year deal at about $18 million per year. That would have made Bradford a very rich man.

The report surfaced earlier this week, but when Bradford was asked about it on Tuesday, it sounded like this was the first he was hearing about it.

If Bradford was offered a deal before the season started, Chip Kelly the GM should be thanking Kelly the coach that Bradford turned it down. This was an ample amount of money for a quarterback with injury history, regardless of how talented Bradford could be.

That being said, it would be surprising if Bradford turned down something that would offer him such peace of mind given his past.

This is really the first time Kelly's system has not made a quarterback into a statistical mint machine. Nick Foles was dynamic two years ago and Mark Sanchez had never looked better.

Bradford is still finding his way. And as of now, he's set to be a free agent after the season.

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