Bowles: Nothing to talk about because we didn't win

If the Jets were going to do an about-face from the Rex Ryan era, there was no doubt they were going to find a coach who let his team's play do the talking.

And after a few months, it's clear Todd Bowles is pushing his team in that direction.

He just needs to get Antonio Cromartieoff of Twitter first.

"Me and Cro talked about it," Bowles told reporters Wednesday after yet another highly-public Twitter incident (the first involving Richard Sherman). "I don't know what happened today with the Kellen Winslow thing. I'm not on Twitter and Facebook or any of those things. We talked about it. We're just trying to focus on the team. We didn't win last year and there's nothing to talk about other than getting better. All the other stuff, we don't worry about."

Bowles had Cromartie under control in Arizona, though placing the bombastic corner back in the world's biggest media market will require a bit of finessing.

Part of Cromartie's game is incessant trash talking. He plays best when he's unfiltered.

That being said, this isn't a Rex Ryan team anymore. Bowles doesn't sound like he's interested in a Hard Knocks redux anytime soon.

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