Bold predictions: Peyton Manning finds playoff magic

*It's time for another round of fearless prognostications involving this week's games. Warning: these predictions are not for the faint of heart. *

The Sheriff rides on

Nobody knows if Peyton Manning can throw any more. There's at least a decent chance Manning's career could end Sunday, with CBS cameras trained on the sideline as Manning sits on the bench with a thousand-yard stare. But I don't think the end comes here. I think there's a little magic in store this month for Manning, whose very presence as an active participant in these playoffs is a gift in a season that could use a feel-good storyline. Expect Manning to make the most of this opportunity, throwing at least two touchdowns in a Broncos victory. The Sheriff rides on for at least another week. -- Dan Hanzus

Kuechly will end Russell Wilson's season with a fourth-down tackle

The Seahawks haven't lost an NFC playoff game since giving up a late lead in Atlanta in the 2012 Divisional Round. This time around, Seattle and Carolina will play another classic to remember with the Seahawks driving down four points in the red zone with time running out. Russell Wilson will scramble on Seattle's final fourth down of the season, only to be taken down in the open field by Luke Kuechly a few yards before the end zone. It will forever be known as the "The Tackle" in Carolina, annoying Mike Jones and Titans fans everywhere. -- Gregg Rosenthal

At least two QBs will play for Broncos

We will see at least two quarterbacks played by Denver on Sunday. Brock Osweiler will be Peyton Manning's backup despite a knee issue. And while he's healthy enough to suit up, that doesn't mean Denver should feel comfortable sliding by with just two active quarterbacks on the game day roster. Don't be surprised to see head coach Gary Kubiak make one change, or be forced to make a change at some point if the season is on the line. Peyton Manning is the GOAT, but his legend is coming to a head with a roster that is Super Bowl ready right now. And with his own physical shape in question, is anyone certain that Osweiler won't be needed? -- Conor Orr

Chiefs defense forces three Brady turnovers

Though the Patriots' offense will see a full arsenal of receiving options Saturday, its top commodity remains unprotected and at high risk of pressure and injury. Brady suffered a high ankle sprain and was sacked twice in the Patriots' finale against the lowly Dolphins. What do you think will happen to the gimpy legend against one of the league's stingiest fronts? Look for the Chiefs to rush Justin Houston and Tamba Hali on New England's beat-up O-line more than usual and pressure Tom Terrific into some terrible mistakes, including tossing two picks to ballhawk rookie Marcus Peters. Brady is prone to throwing postseason interceptions -- he tossed one in every game last year, including two in the Super Bowl. This matchup with K.C. will be no different. *-- Jeremy Bergman *

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