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Blake Bortles: 'Big difference' in throwing mechanics

Blake Bortles' prime directive this year is to fix the mechanical flaw that was behind his regression from preseason standout to regular-season disappointment as a rookie.

As we have pointed out on the Around The NFL Podcast numerous times, Bortles possesses all of the tools to become an NFL star. He simply needs to streamline a throwing motion that devolved throughout last season, in large part due to faulty footwork.

To that end he has worked with new offensive coordinator Greg Olson and sports biomechanics guru Tom House this offseason.

"To me, it's a big difference," Bortles said Tuesday, of his altered mechanics. "To the guys that I worked with it's a big difference. It's just more efficient. It's better."

Bortles now has a checklist to consult when he slips back into the old familiar bad habits. He realizes the challenge will be getting the changes to stick until muscle memory takes over.

After all, his work with Jordan Palmerlast offseason resulted in a more smooth throwing motion that lasted through the preseason, only to backslide months later.

"It's tough," Bortles conceded. "It's still something I have to think about."

The Jaguars are investing heavily in Bortles' development, adding Pro Bowl tight end Julius Thomas and a trio of offensive linemen.

Now it's up to Bortles to ensure that his new and improved throwing motion becomes second nature, allowing his physical gifts to carry Jacksonville's offense.

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