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Blair Walsh speaks to first-graders who sent him cards

Blair Walsh earned a place in Vikings infamy thanks to his missed 27-yard field-goal attempt in Sunday's crushing playoff loss to the Seahawks. On Thursday, Walsh met with the local elementary school students who did their best to lift the kicker's spirits.

Walsh visited the Northpoint Elementary School class of first graders who sent Walsh letters and cards of encouragement after his chip shot sailed wide left. He spoke to the class and thanked them for their kind deeds.

"Thank you very much for all the letters and cards you wrote," he said, via the Star Tribune. "It was very touching to me. ... A lot of them were very pretty and creative. ... I will cherish them forever."

Walsh said one of his favorite cards labeled him as the "Greatest Kicker In The Universe" -- a sentiment he understands most Vikings fans will not agree with at this juncture.

Walsh answered questions from students (Sample: "Do you have a guinea pig?") and signed trading cards, miniature Vikings helmets and other items.

"It was pretty unbelievable," Walsh said. "It really made a difference in my life. ... It's really important because these kids don't know me.

"I'm so touched for what these kids did. I'll remember this forever."

These are great kids. We, as a people, can learn from these kids.

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