Bills' Marcell Dareus: 'Nobody likes the Patriots'

The Buffalo Bills have lost 23 of their last 26 games against the New England Patriots. That's about as one-sided as it gets, but the Bills have no problem talking big ahead of their Week 2 showdown against the defending champs.

To borrow an old quote from the head coach: The Bills didn't come here to kiss Belichick's rings.

"I don't like New England so yeah, it's definitely personal for me," safety Aaron Williams said Tuesday. "Me saying that may ruin a lot of stories, but that's just the way I feel personally."

On the contrary, Aaron, you're making scribes' lives easier! How say you, Marcell Dareus?

"I mean, nobody likes the Patriots," he concurred. "Let's be honest about it, put it out there."

Call it the Rex effect. Once upon a time, Patriot week used to stir up the same bravado among Jets players. That same defiance in the face of big brother has now transferred to the Bills. The swagger has even wafted into the social media cube at Bills headquarters.

The AFC East is a lot of fun this year.

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