Bills grateful for Lions' hospitality in Detroit

It's been a whirlwind week for the city of Buffalo and its Bills.

The city declared a state of emergency this week due to heavy snowfall in the area. Of lesser importance, the Bills moved its Sunday home game against the Jets to be played Monday night at Detroit's Ford Field.

The team arrived in Detroit on Friday afternoon and practiced that night for the first time all week (this happening in a day where players walked to the facility and others were picked up on snowmobiles). In meeting with the media afterward, coach Doug Marrone was extremely thankful to his squad's temporary hosts.

"(The Lions have) been outstanding, I can't say enough," Marrone said. "That's unheard of in this league."

"They made it as smooth a transition as it could be," quarterback Kyle Ortonadded.

Marrone also expressed the issues the Bills are dealing with, saying he could give "a long list of obstacles." When prompted again by a reporter, he replied: "We're not playing at home; we're not practicing at home; and we're not going home at night to our families. I mean, I'm being honest. I'm not trying to make a joke."

"Nobody's been in this situation," Orton said. "We have to trust each other, rely on each other to go out and compete."

"There's a lot of good Samaritans around Buffalo, that's what makes it the place that it is," tight end Scott Chandler said, who also quipped that his back's a bit sore from shoveling his driveway.

In extremely unusual circumstances, the Bills seem to be handling the situation as well as possible. At least running back Anthony Dixon managed to retain a sense of humor when asked how he'll prepare the next time a storm hits: "When I hear 'lake effect,' I'm (going to) run."

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