Bills GM: Team focused on playoff chase not coach

Almost exactly a year ago, the Billsannounced coach Rex Ryan and general manager Doug Whaley would return in a bizarre end-of-year statement that was meant both as a sign of stability and a warning shot to the boisterous coach to get his team in gear.

A year later, it is still theoretically possible for the 7-7 Bills to make the playoffs but it seems highly unlikely. Not only will they have to win out against the Dolphins and Jets, but they'll need a ton of other games to break their way.

Needless to say, there likely will be no postseason statement this year. When asked Friday why the Bills haven't made any statements on the coaching situation, Whaley told WGR 550 in Buffalo that the team is focused on the playoff chase -- not their head coach.

"Because we're focused on the games," he said.

He added: "Let's put it this way, none of us knows our future. We owe it to our fans to focus on Miami"

The whole WGR timeline is worth checking out. Whaley downplays the notion that he and Ryan do not see eye to eye and also discusses why the evaluation on starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor is still ongoing. But right now, just about everyone in Buffalo is laser-focused on another potential coaching change.

This is a brutal time of year when bad teams often burrow away, wondering what kind of moves the owner will make after a disappointing season. It's important to remember that hundreds of lives are impacted. Families are wondering if they'll have to move again or if their kids will change schools. This isn't the kind of wording from Whaley that cools any speculation, but it's par for the course at this juncture. In many ways, no one is sure of anything. Minus a statement guaranteeing they will be back, it's out of their hands.

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