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Fresh off bye, Bills looking to put loss to Titans behind them

The Bills entered the bye week with their first real taste of bitterness in their mouths following a loss to the Titans.

An extra week to process the defeat might have made getting past it a challenge, but the Bills are certainly looking ahead, not behind.

"Got to get over it. We can't do nothing about it now," Bills receiver Stefon Diggs said Wednesday, via the Associated Press. "We're still a good team. We know who we are."

The Bills (4-2) can look in the mirror and see a team still atop the AFC East standings with an opportunity to widen that lead with another divisional game this weekend against the struggling Miami Dolphins (1-6). Their first meeting in 2021 produced a blowout win for Buffalo that convinced many they were nothing short of an unstoppable machine.

Derrick Henry threw a wrench into that machine in Week 6. It taught the Bills a lesson, according to safety Jordan Poyer.

"We're a mature football team. We're not going to sit here and dwell on something that happened two weeks ago," Poyer said. "Obviously that loss hurt, we've moved on from it. We're ready to go against the Dolphins."

Miami lost another heartbreaker last weekend to the Falcons, and has been wading through waters made murky by frequent trade rumors involving Tua Tagovailoa. Instead of just speaking about their upcoming opponent, the Dolphins have been forced to answer questions about their future under center.

Meanwhile, the Bills have had ample time to look inward to identify where they need to improve.

"I feel like we haven't played our best ball -- we've played some good ball," Diggs said. "Everybody knows that we're a good team but in order to be a good team consistently, you got to be consistent. So just tighten up in some areas."

Last season, the Bills went on a run into the playoffs following a crushing, last-second loss to the Cardinals. They could follow a similar path this season, starting with Miami.

"Every team is different," coach Sean McDermott said. "Having said that, I believe in this football team. We'll see where it takes us."

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