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Bill O'Brien: Using Watt on offense isn't a 'circus show'

J.J. Watt's MVP campaign stems from his dominance on the defensive side of the ball. However, his offensive touchdowns have added some pizazz to the crusade.

When discussing the chances of Watt actually overtaking Aaron Rodgers and winning the MVP, some have wondered if the touchdown feeding of the defensive end in offensive packages was an effort by the Texans to beef up his resume.

Well, Houston coach Bill O'Brien would like all the doubters to know that's hogwash.

"He's got great ball skills, so that's why we move him around and use him a little bit on offense," O'Brien said Monday, per the Houston Chronicle. "Because it's not a circus show. It's what is best for our team. And we feel one of the things that is best for our team is when we get down in there close, we've got a guy over here that's a 6-foot-7 frame, physical player, he's got really good hands, he's instinctive, he's smart, he's got tight-end experience ... so why not use him?"

Watt was a tight end at Central Michigan before transferring to Wisconsin and becoming a beastly defensive lineman.

Given all the attention on Watt, we'll wait for the moment when O'Brien begins using him as a decoy on offense -- while silently hoping it never comes.

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