Bill Belichick predictably mum on Brady's upheld ban

After New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft eviscerated the league on Wednesday morning, coach Bill Belichick was predictably closed-mouthed on the matter of Tuesday's ruling.

Asked to comment on Commissioner Roger Goodell upholding quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension, Belichick told reporters: "It's already been addressed."

"Can you elaborate a little?" asked a scribe.

"No," said Belichick.

"Why not?"

"Because it's already been addressed," Belichick mumbled.

"People have a lot of questions, you know," said the reporter. "Public, fans."

"You heard what Robert said, it's already been addressed," Belichick hissed. "Now you gotta go back and look at your notes. It's already been addressed."

Offering nothing during his air-tight, five-minute press conference beyond a stream of substance-free one-liners -- "We start training camp today" and "We're going to take it day to day" -- Belichick refused to say a word on Brady's fate or the snap count going forward for backup passer Jimmy Garoppolo.

He didn't need to. His owner came out swinging on Wednesday, leaving Belichick to do what he does best: Focus on football and comprehensively ignore the media.

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