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Bill Belichick: 'I have never meant any disrespect'

With a night to think about it, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was more far more willing to talk about his interaction with a league official at the end of the Patriots' loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

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Belichick grabbed the official as he exited the field, and the league is reviewing the matter.

"When the game was over, I went out, and I was really looking for an explanation from the officials as to whether or not the play was under review," Belichick said via the Boston Herald. "I did try to get the official's attention as he was coming off the field to ask that, but I really wasn't able to do that."

Those comments came after a lengthy explanation of how the situation got that point. Belichick spoke for more than three minutes just on the situation, which translates to sixteen hours from a normal coach.

"I have never meant any disrespect or in any way tried to abuse or be disrespectful to the officials and the job that they do," Belichick said. "I'm trying to get an explanation for obviously an important call, play, in that game. That's the number one thing between coaches and officials. It's always at the forefront. It's just communication of what's going on, of what's happening."

The NFL announced Monday that they are reviewing the actions of Belichick, Ravens coach John Harbaugh, and Washington Redskins offensive coordinator, who had his own run-in with an official. It appears Belichick will be fined, not suspended.

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