Bill Belichick: I'd stick Brady in goal on lacrosse field

Bill Belichick grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, the heart of lacrosse country. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Patriots coach has a lifelong love of the game.

Belichick played the sport in his youth, as did his children.This personal connection helps to explain his unusual candor during an interview with Paul Carcaterra of Lacrosse Magazine.

If you're a fan of both football and lacrosse, you'll get a special kick out of where Belichick would assign some of his Patriots stars on the lacrosse field. Actually, you don't have to know anything about lacrosse to find his scouting of Tom Brady entertaining.

On Rob Gronkowski: "If I could teach him any stickwork, I'd put him at crease attack let him go out and clear out and let him just go to the goal."

On Julian Edelman: "He'd be a good midfielder. A good midfielder."

On Brady: "Put him in the goal. He can't run. I mean -- he can't run. He can't dodge, he can't run."

And here's a fascinating nugget from the interview: Belichick considers himself ambidextrous and has never revealed to his children -- his own kids! -- whether he is naturally right- or left-handed. This is about the damnedest thing I've heard all month.

Add it to the endless list of curiosities that surround The Hooded One.

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