Bill Belichick does not go grocery shopping

Reporters hoping Bill Belichick would take some shots at the Indianapolis Colts heading into their much-anticipated rematch this weekend were disappointed. But as we've come to find over the years, no one has an understanding of the fascination surrounding himself -- even in the most banal sense -- better than Belichick.

So in lieu of some high-grade trash talk, he delivered this:

"I haven't been to the grocery store in a couple years," he said, via

While this would be better off without context, it's important to note that Belichick was asked if people were coming up to him at the grocery store and asking him to kick Indianapolis' butt. This is what got the whole grocery store conversation moving.

Now, as he often does, Belichick leaves us with more questions than answers.

Clearly he gets fed at the facility, but in other circumstances, especially during the offseason, how does his family obtain food?

Is there a fear that he will be recognized at the grocery store?

Does he have a private chef, or order from the same steakhouse every night like Rick Ross?

Like the onions Belichick does not shop for himself, the coach has many layers. Maybe one day, we'll solve this mystery.

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