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Bill Belichick cites Kraft, won't address Brady ruling

There are times when it's difficult to tell who is truly in charge of the New England Patriots. A legendary coach like Bill Belichick can sometimes transcend the traditional organizational power structure and appear with more stature than ownership.

On Thursday, though, it was clear Robert Kraft's message was heard throughout the building.

"You go back and read the transcript of what Robert said," Belichick told a reporter who pressed him on Thursday. "He advised everybody in the organization not to talk about it, and so, we're not talking about it. You can go back and read that yourself in the transcript."

He would not directly address the question at hand, which asked if he agreed with Kraft's statements the day before regarding Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to uphold Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

Of course, even if Kraft sent an organizational memo to the entire staff welcoming all employees to speak freely about the deflated football incident that has rocked New England's offseason, we're sure Belichick would remain quiet.

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