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Big Ben on Garrett's sack goal: OL 'enjoyed hearing it'

Myles Garrett has made it known ever since he became the No. 1 overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft that the quarterback he's looking forward to playing against the most is Ben Roethlisberger.

The defensive end said he plans on making Roethlisberger his first NFL sack when the Browns play the Steelers on September 10 in Cleveland.

Word of this news got back to Roethlisberger and he says he's looking forward to the challenge.

"I was talking to (Maurkice Pouncey) after Garrett called me out," Roethlisberger told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "Pounce got a big kick out of it. All of my linemen enjoyed hearing it. They can't wait to get started. I can't, either."

Roethlisberger took 17 sacks in 14 games last year, a record low in his 13-year career.

According to Pro Football Reference, the Browns are 2-21 when playing against Big Ben, so this won't be an easy mission.

Garrett's sack goal is just adding more fuel to an already heated rivalry. Get your popcorn ready. Week 1 can't come soon enough.

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