Bennie Logan on 'Boys: 'We hate them, they hate us'

The Philadelphia Eagles square off against NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Eagles defensive lineman Bennie Logan shared his thoughts on the Cowboys and the rivalry with 94WIP.

"Hatred," Logan said. "We hate them, they hate us, the fans hate each other. Pure hatred."

Logan elaborated.

"They just whine and complain about everything," Logan said. "Shut up and play ball. I'm gonna hit you hard every snap. Stop complaining about this and this. That just bugs me. You're a man. It's football. Shut up and get hit and take it like a man."

Tell us how you really feel, Bennie.

Eagles rookie cornerback Eric Rowe shared a similar sentiment.

"From the last game, I saw at least on the offensive side, a lot of them cried a lot," Rowe said. "They also want a lot of penalties. I saw Jason Witten, every time he was covered he looked for a flag and complained and pointed at the ref. Couple of the receivers were looking at the refs looking for PI. Cry babies? Well, yeah if you want to put it like that."

Sunday marks the second clash of the season between the two foes. Dallas took the first meeting, defeating Philadelphia 20-10 in Week 2.

Wideout Jordan Matthews remarked that the rivalry holds bigger implications for some fans.

"When it's Cowboys Week and (you're among fans) people are like, 'Hey bring this one home,'" Matthews said. " ... It's a serious deal. It's funny (that) it seems like every Eagles fan knows a Cowboys fan really well.

"They're like, 'I need this because of my aunt -- I got to talk junk to her or my brother,' or something like that. So it's really serious, so you definitely want to go out there and get the win for the city."

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