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Bennett: How many pumps can my sack dance have?

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is shelving the sensual sack dance.

Even though he had 3 1/2 opportunities to do so in last week's dominant win over the San Francisco 49ers, Bennett was warned about Von Miller -- a former Texas A&M teammate -- and how he was hit with an $11,567 fine for doing the Hingle McCringleberry "three pump" dance after a sack in late September.

"My friend Von, he got fined because he did three pumps and I don't know if three pumps is illegal," Bennett said, via 710 AM Seattle. "I only usually do two pumps but Pete (Carroll) made sure that I knew that Von got fined for doing three pumps, so I'm just trying to keep it at one-and-a-half pumps."

Bennett is still probably joking, and riffing on the Key and Peele sketch which is well worth your time if only to make Miller's dance seem even funnier than it was before.

God bless Key and Peele, and God bless the Bennetts.

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