Benjamin rates Odell Beckham's catch a '9' out of 10

Carolina Panthers wideout Kelvin Benjamin was impressed with Odell Beckham's stunning one-handed grab against the Cowboys, don't get him wrong.

He just thinks the catch could have been cooler.

Beckham could have made it a "10" by doing it with his eyes closed, Benjamin said.

This lighthearted debate underscores the kind of competition that we're looking forward to from this class for years to come. Benjamin, Beckham, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Brandin Cooks could be part of one of the best receiver draft classes in NFL history. At least that's how it looks for now.

In the meantime, Benjamin now has the opportunity to one up Beckham, though we're not sure how he'll do it.

Seriously, though, a nine? Really? Benjamin must have something up his sleeve.

To Benjamin's credit, he was the one who called out reporters for trying to rate and compare catches. He complemented Beckham's ability to haul in the grab with one hand and said that the Giants wideout was simply in the zone.

"Why are y'all always trying to compare things? It was a great catch," he said.

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