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Bengals have no plans for quarterback competition

PHOENIX -- Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is understandably tired of all the Andy Dalton questions.

Saddled with what we view as a middle-of-the-pack quarterback, Cincinnati has been one-and-done in four straight playoff appearances with Dalton at the helm. So why not bring in competition at the most important position in sports? That's what we tried to ask Lewis during Tuesday's AFC coaches breakfast.

"What team in the NFL has had a quarterback competition and it's worked?" Lewis asked in return.

Well, how about Joe Montana and Steve Young? Drew Brees and Philip Rivers? More recently, what about Russell Wilson getting the chance as a rookie to win the job Seattle?

Lewis wasn't buying it.

"So you feel like Andy Dalton is the best you can get at the quarterback position?" I asked.

"We feel Andy Dalton's our quarterback, yes we do," Lewis said. "It's a different era than when Steve and Joe were there."

But why not draft someone, take a shot at a higher ceiling and work to improve the position long-term?

"Well, we just signed Andy long-term," Lewis said. "So we committed ourselves to Andy long-term, and we feel really good about him."

So does the rest of the AFC North. It's another dreary reminder that nothing is changing under center in Cincinnati.

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