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Belichick won't discuss sending Darrelle Revis home

We didn't expect Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to take us inside the decision to send Darrelle Revis home on Tuesday. In fact, complete ignorance was pretty much what we had in mind.

The coach did not disappoint on Friday when assembled media got just two questions in before Belichick just started answering whatever he felt like.

"Anything between me and the players is between myself and the players," Belichick said, via The Boston Globe.

When asked if Revis' playing time would be impacted on Sunday because of his tardiness, Belichick had this:

"I think the Bears (Sunday's opponent) are a really good team. I think they're going to be a tough, tough matchup for us. We're going to do the best we can to match up against them."

Looks like we won't know how serious the mixup was until we check out the snap counts on Sunday night, although it seems like the two have worked everything out.

We'll let you know if Belichick had anything interesting to say about the Bears in the meantime. He seemed excited to talk about it.

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