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Belichick: 'Sad' that stories are written with agendas

The outside paranoia surrounding the New England Patriots got another boost Thursday night when it was reported during the 2015 NFL Kickoff that the Pittsburgh Steelers' headsets were playing the Pats' radio broadcast.

Following the Patriots' 28-21 win, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was visibly upset about the radio problems, saying it's "always the case" in Foxborough.

Bill Belichick said there were problems with their own communication system, as well. The NFL released a statement after the game saying it was a league issue, and announced Friday it would conduct an investigation.

That didn't stop the rolling eyes, sarcastic remarks and edgy accusations leveled at the Patriots.

During a Friday morning conference call, Belichick ardently defended his team against the articles that have been written about his team the past week and the perception that the Patriots will break any rule to gain an edge.

Initially the coach started discussing the headsets, but took shots at the broader swipes at his franchise.

"I think overall it's kind of sad, really, to see some stories written that obviously have an agenda to them with misinformation, anonymous comments," Belichick said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. "Writing about warm drinks and trashcans, stuff like that. I think it's sad commentary and really, gone to a pretty low level. Sunk pretty deep.

"First of all, I would say I think our program here is built on competition and trying to improve every day. It's not built on excuses. We just try to go to work and improve and find a way to get better..."

Belichick went on to specifically defend his previous championship teams from 2001, 2003 and 2004.

"All the great players that played on those take away what those teams accomplished ... it's just not right ... I'm not going to get in a back-and-forth ... but that's just how I feel about it," he said.

For a normally mum Belichick, his response to the accusations leveled at the Patriots is about as animated as ever.

Unfortunately, his response will likely have no impact on the rigid perception already formed about the Patriots by many outside of New England.

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