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Belichick on Darrelle Revis leaving: 'Not a big story'

Another Super Bowl title hasn't softened Bill Belichick. The Patriots head coach says he's "working on" changing the name of his boat to "Six Rings," but he's not going to start cracking jokes at NFL-sponsored media availabilities.

Speaking Tuesday morning at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Belichick would not bite on questions about departed cornerback Darrelle Revis.

"It's NFL free agency. Players leave teams and go to teams in free agency every year," Belichick said. "That's not a big story."

Pressed further on Revis, Belichick said he "didn't know" how the team would replace him and then reminded everyone again it's just "NFL free agency" and it happens every year.  (Belichick said "I don't know" 22 more times during the session.)

Belichick also wouldn't speak on departed nose tackle Vince Wilfork, pointing reporters to his previous statement on the matter.

The loss of Revis to the Jets has to sting, but it sounds like it was Belichick's call. Patriots owner Robert Kraft indicated Monday that he was ready to spend.

"I put my faith and respect with Bill and we have a lot of thorough discussions. He's done pretty good the last 15 years. The fan in me argues all the time with him, but he's got a pretty good record," Kraft said.

Belichick is also brutally honest when he wants to be. The Patriots coach was asked if he gets anything out of coming to Phoenix for the NFL Annual Meeting.

"These meetings? No," he said via Tom Rock of Newsday. 

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