Belichick on Broncos trash talk: 'Just a bunch of hot air'

Ahead of the AFC Championship Game, the Denver Broncos tossed some scorn towards the New England Patriots.

Defensive lineman Antonio Smith said it's accurate to call Tom Brady a crybaby because he whines every time a defender hits him. Linebacker Brandon Marshall criticized Rob Gronkowski for getting away with pushing off "98 percent of the time."

As is their modus operandi, the Patriots' top two leaders have no interest in lobbing any response.

"We're focused on the Denver Broncos and the game. All the rest of it's a bunch of hot air," Bill Belichick said Wednesday.

When asked by the media if he complains more than other quarterbacks, Brady said he wasn't aware how other quarterbacks operate.

"I'm not sure what the other quarterbacks do, so," Brady said. "If the refs want to throw the flag, I love when they throw the flags on the defenders, it advances our team. That's just part of football."

When asked what his response is to the Smith's comments, Brady said he was unaware of any such critiques (like this New York Daily News cover).

"I haven't seen any, so," Brady said.

In his 10th AFC Championship Game, this isn't Brady's first rodeo dealing with opponent's trash-talking headlines.

As always, there is no cracking the Patriots' shell.

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