Belichick ho-hum about 17 straight winning seasons

Bill Belichick will undoubtedly take a minute this week to sit back, sniff the flowers and ponder his post-merger-record 17th consecutive winning season in New England, correct?

Vastly incorrect.

Asked this week if he and the team would gather around to celebrate the feat -- perhaps over dainty slices of cake with an emotional slide show -- Belichick flatly dismissed the historical benchmark.

"That's what we're here for -- to win games. We take a lot of pride in it. That means a lot to us," Belichick grunted ahead of Sunday's clash with the likely doomed Bills. "But that being said, there's probably another time to talk about that and reflect on it and so forth. None of those other -- however many seasons it was or however many games it was -- really makes any difference this week. I mean, nobody cares about that.

"This is just strictly a matchup between the Patriots and the Bills in 2017, and how these two teams compete against each other is really what it's all about. So I don't think living in the past is going to help us, and I don't think living in the future is going to help us either."

We've seen this act before: Reporter enthusiastically quizzes Belichick about the latest Belichick accolade. Belichick casually blasts said reporter into hyperspace. Patriots fans gloat, vicariously accepting the team's accomplishments as their own.

Rinse and repeat until the asteroid lands.

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