Belichick had no idea Falcons won before Pats kickoff

In a development that should surprise no one, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had no idea the Atlanta Falcons had defeated the Packers prior to starting their conference championship game against the Steelers.

"No, I mean I didn't even know they won," he said following the game, via comments distributed by the team. "We didn't see the first game. Obviously they're a great team or they wouldn't be playing in this game. They've had a great year."

This is accepted as fact because Belichick has made a living out-preparing his fellow coaches. That maniacal level of focus has to come with some kind of drawback, and perhaps that is a slight lack of awareness when it comes to things not directly impacting his current game. But do we really believe that there wasn't a single member of his football brain army already researching Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Kyle Shanahan the moment they started thoroughly drubbing the Packers that afternoon?

The Patriots were in subdued celebration mode Sunday night so the look-ahead to Atlanta has yet to truly begin. When asked about playing the Falcons, wide receiver Danny Amendola said simply: "I gotta watch some film first but we'll get on it."

I'm certain they will.

While this notion has been beaten to death over the years, it really is incredible that Belichick has created a room of 53 people so micro-focused on the task at hand. They, like him, absorb only what they need from the world around them and return to work day after day. So much so, that their opponent in the Super Bowl qualified as news after the AFC Championship Game.

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