Belichick, Brady garner votes in N.H. primary

In a world where every politician leaves something to be desired, a few New Hampshire voters cast their ballot for successful football men.

Several -- presumably Patriots fans -- voted for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the New Hampshire's presidential primary this week, NESN first noted.

Belichick, who has guided the Patriots for the past 16 seasons, received one write-in vote on the Democratic side. Brady's aura, meanwhile, crosses party lines. The quarterback received two votes on each the Democratic and Republican sides of the ballot.

Neither Brady nor Belichick have displayed any desire to run for office, but we can daydream on a sleepy Saturday in mid-February.

I specifically like the thought of President Bill Belichick. How wonderful would it be seeing Belichick negotiate with foreign diplomats early in the morning. Would he only perk up if Vladimir Putin inquired about left-footed punters? After a failed campaign in Kansas City, would Bill bring back "We're on to Cincinnati!" as a rallying cry for voters in ever-important Ohio?

We can dream.

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