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Beckham: 'Insane' popularity after one-handed catch

PHOENIX -- Odell Beckham's star rose fast. Lightning fast.

The New York Giants' receiver went from causing his coach consternation due to a hamstring injury that cost him the first four weeks of the season to shooting up like a firework and dazzling fans with his breathtaking play.

The rookie said Wednesday night at the Pro Bowl Draft he was shocked by his overnight popularity after the spectacular three-fingered catch against the Dallas Cowboys.

"It's pretty insane what social media can do nowadays," he said. "After the catch I didn't fully expect everything that came with it. Just me being me. I didn't think it would draw as much attention as it did. But it did what it did and it comes with the game."

Beckham started just 11 games and finished with 91 receptions for 1,305 yards in 12 appearances. Even more spectacular was that in his first three games he didn't even earn more than 44 yards receiving. In his final nine contests, the rookie averaged 133.2 yards per game. Averaged!

Sunday Beckham will play in the Pro Bowl on Team Irvin, which has seven Cowboys on the roster. Beckham said he's trying to learn from Hall of Fame receivers he'll have access to this week.

"Watching and seeing what they are doing and picking their brains while you can," he said. "Cris Carter, Michael Irvin are guys that I've talked to and I've tried to pick their brains and just understand what it takes to get where they are at."

As for this year, the sports figure who currently holds the most adoration in New York said it's been "everything I could have ever dreamed of, if not more." But he hopes his season doesn't end so soon next year.

"I'm looking forward to the challenge of doing what I did this year, if not better," he said. "Hopefully we are in the playoffs and that will be a little more exciting then the season ending so soon."

Big Blue hopes so too.

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