Bears' Trestman: No coaching staff changes upcoming

The Chicago Bears' defense has been so bad, it became only the second team in NFL history to allow 50-plus points in consecutive games. That other team was the 1923 Rochester Jeffersons (1923!!!).

Despite the swirling winds in Chicago surrounding his coaching staff, Marc Trestman said Monday that defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and the rest of his coaches will remain in place.

"There will not be any (coaching changes) at this time," Trestman said. "I think we have excellent coaches here."

Tucker was the subject of consternation last season, with some fans calling for Trestman to fire the coordinator last year. Even after adding several pass rushers and secondary pieces, the defense has been just as sad in 2014.

"I feel very confident that (Tucker is) doing the things he can do to help us move forward," Trestman said, per Zach Zaidman of the Bears' Radio Network.

A team that was expected to battle for a playoff spot now sits at 3-6 and the man who was praised last season for his offense is feeling the seat underneath him begin to heat up.

"We know our fans are disappointed," Trestman said. "They have a right to be. This has been a very disturbing stretch of three weeks."

That, coach, is an understatement.

Some other notes from Trestman:

»He said at least four times that quarterback Jay Cutler needs to play better.

"Jay's gotta play better. He's gotta play better, but he can't do it alone. But he's gotta play better, just like the rest of us do."

(It must be "state the obvious" day in Chicago.)

»Trestman added that he did not consider benching Cutler at halftime on Sunday night. The Bears were down 42-0 at the time.

The coach also said he doesn't believe teammates have stopped supporting the struggling quarterback.

» Some good news on Brandon Marshall, who left the game with an ankle injury: Trestman said the team was "very optimistic" the wideout could play this week against the Minnesota Vikings.

» Despite what it looked like from the outside, Trestman said he didn't notice any players loafing during the blowout:

"I did not. ... I'm sure there were minuses along the way, but overall I didn't see that."

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