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Training Camp

Bears coach Matt Nagy acknowledges potential trade interest in third-string QB Nick Foles

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy downplayed the notion Saturday that the club could trade quarterback Nick Foles, or at least his role in any such possibility.

"I don't talk to him about that. He doesn't talk to me about it. That's not something that we... We just don't go there," Nagy said. "Again, that's out of our control. He's worrying about doing everything he can to just be great for us. That's what I like about our relationship is he's happy with where he's at here, and he's in a good place."

With a first-round rookie in Justin Fields and a seasoned veteran in Andy Dalton primarily competing for the starting job, Foles gives the Bears a former Super Bowl champion at No. 3, cache that the next club to lose a quarterback might want in its locker room.

That, at least, Nagy acknowledged.

"You talk about a Super Bowl MVP and a guy that's started a lot of games and he's had a really interesting career in so many ways that I just think that he deserves that. I mean, anybody that's had the career he has is somebody that's always going to be for all teams," Nagy added. "As a third-string guy, teams are going to look at guys like him."

Foles' first season in Chicago was forgettable after the club lost five of his seven starts as the pass offense struggled.

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