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Bears' Jay Cutler on Aaron Kromer: 'I wasn't angry'

The Chicago Bears publicly attempted to piece back their crumbling façade Friday.

"I just wanted to say I made a very poor decision talking about things outside the building -- and I admit that and can't take that back," Kromer said.

Cutler said that he appreciated Kromer admitting a mistake and harbored no ill will toward his offensive coordinator. The quarterback added that the team left the Monday meeting in a better place.

"No, no, I wasn't angry at him," Cutler said. "You know, the way he talked to us and approached the issue, I think we kind of cleared the air a little bit with everybody. I want to play better; the offensive line wants to play better; the receivers want to play better; we all want to play better in the offense, and that's the main issue."

Rapoport also reported that the Bears had "buyer's remorse" about giving Cutler a big contract. Kromer again said that note didn't come from him and the quarterback brushed aside the negative aspect.

"Stuff like that, when you're 5-8, is going to happen," Cutler said.

This is the part where we'd say winning would help dissipate the cyclone of calamity surrounding Chicago's football team. But with the Bears already eliminated from the playoffs, winning can only do so much to calm the issues within Halas Hall.

At this stage, coaches and players are fighting to keep their jobs.

Kromer added that he didn't think about resigning his post in the wake of the latest controversy.

In a few more weeks it's possible that won't be his choice to make.

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