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Bears, Cowboys have two big problems to address

The rookie quarterbacks stole all the headlines in Week 1 of the preseason. But there were plenty more things I learned from watching the first 15 games.

» The Bears are still having major issues with their offensive line. It's early yet, but the problems are still there and don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

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» The Cowboys better fix their secondary issues, or they wont be successful running Rob Ryan's scheme. Dallas' front did not look like it could carry the secondary and will need a few more coverage men.

» I think Sam Bradford is the only quarterback in the NFC West who can lead a team to the playoffs. It is early for Kevin Kolb with the Cardinals, but if they don't protect him better, he will struggle. All quarterbacks need time, and Kolb needs a little extra.

» The Giants have a better player than Osi Umenyiora in their defensive line. His name is Jason Pierre-Paul. The second-year player out of South Florida is better in the run game and can be equally effective as a pass rusher. Umenyiora is good in pass-rush situations, but he is a liability in the run game. How much can any team pay a nickel pass rusher above and beyond what the Giants currently have invested? My sources in the league say many teams would love to have Umenyiora, but few want to pay him more and then compensate the Giants with a high pick. Unmenyiora has an overinflated value of his talents.

» The Ravens had to make the trade for wide receiver Lee Evans. Their team speed on offense was still subpar and they cannot wait for their young players to be ready for the beginning of the season. Now, the Ravens must find a right tackle, or else they are in trouble.

» Are the 49ers really going to work out Daunte Culpepper? This tells you all you need to know about the state of their quarterback position right now. Alex Smith looked bad in the opener, but more than that, the offensive line did not play well. Right tackle Anthony Davis needs to get better. The 49ers have three first-round picks in their line, but based on how they played in the opener, they have a ton more work to do.

» The Dolphins need a quarterback badly. It was their main need going into the offseason and they ignored it completely. Not only did they not trade for Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, but also they failed to pull the trigger on Ryan Mallet after doing so much research on him before the draft.

» The Lions this year will be tough to handle on offense if their pass protection holds up, allowing Matt Stafford to stay healthy. Because of his incredible arm, Stafford can stretch the field, which allows offensive coordinator Scott Linehan the freedom to be creative.

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