Bean-bag game helped unite Chiefs -- but winning helps, too

Back-to-back triumphs over the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts have something to do with a happier Kansas City Chiefs team these days, but coach Todd Haley went in an unusual direction to save his sinking locker room earlier this season.


After the team's disastrous 0-2 start, Haley dialed up a friend who fashions customized "cornhole" bean-bag games, seen at tailgate parties around the league. It features a pair of wooden boards, each with a hole carved into it. They're separated by about 30 feet and players attempt to sink the bean bag into the hole from across the way. There's even an American Cornhole Organization that puts on tournaments nationwide.

It might sound like a children's game, but this was a team that needed to go back to basics.

The game's been a hit in the locker room, but the two-game win streak has been just as therapeutic.

"Winning heals all," linebacker Derrick Johnson told The Associated Press. "You don't hurt as much, the atmosphere is good when you're winning. We've only won two games, we haven't arrived yet, but we're stacking them up."

Whatever it takes, Kansas City.

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